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COVID is no longer deemed as a threat.

Therapist actions

  • PPE is no longer a strict requirement, but this will still be maintained to the minimum. 

  • We will continue with lateral flow tests and continue with the increased cleaning regime, the increased aeration between every client and continue to breaks between clients to minimise the chance of patients meeting each other in the waiting area. 

  • We will continue to assess the risk for each client. 

  • When working around the face area for a length of time the therapist will wear a mask.

If you require the therapist to wear full PPE during the treatment, we will offer to facilitate this. Please stipulate this in advance. 

You as the client

  • If you have a cough, cold, or even hay fever (If coughing and sneezing) to let the therapist know in advance, to take a lateral flow test and if otherwise healthy, to wear a mask. The therapist will also wear PPE. 



  • We will continue to carry out more cleaning before the next client to assure everyone's safety. 

  • If you have COVID, symptomatic or otherwise, we ask clients to postpone your appointment.


The therapist will continue to test ourselves for our client's safety and will cancel any appointments should we test positive.


COVID-19 is still present but by maintaining risk assessments and being sensible, we can protect our clients and allow our practice to thrive.

risk assessment
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