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Complementary Health and Holistic Clinic

Founder: Maureen MA, PGCE, MBPsS, MCHP, MCMA

Interviewed by Azoe Smith


I graduated in Psychology and then moved on to become an educationalist working in various educational fields as a teacher/ lecturer. Further details ...


I have always had an interest in natural and healthy living and of course natural beauty. 


Beulah Tempora is a member of the following bodies





Voluntary self-regulated body Complementary Natural and Health Council, (CNHC)



Awarded Holistic Therapist,  2019

Awarded best bespoke therapy, 2017

Awarded best bespoke therapy, 2016

Awarded 5 star Top rated 2016 



LUX award
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The Clinic

The sessions are tailored to the client. Each treatment includes a consultation that allows us to assess for contraindications and to ensure the clients gets the most out of their therapy session.  


Our Philosophy

We encourage a caring and professional environment because we believe  and we believe that it is very important to understand each individual and so that we can support their needs.

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Our service and products are not tested on animals and they do not harm the environment.


We believe in working alongside nature, rather than working against. We are proud to say that all our products do not contain harmful or hazardous substances that may affect the individual and so causing some kind of imbalance.

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